The GoSmart Food Co was founded because our purpose is simple.  We exist to provide healthy gourmet food to our clients in a way that is convenient, utilising smarter choices and clean eating concepts.  We believe that if you live smarter, you will indeed live a better life.mtce-logo-dark

Our philosophy is that when you decide to GoSmart you are making a lifestyle choice as eating healthily should be a way of life and not a fast-track approach to weight loss.

Every day, meals will be handmade with care using only the highest quality and freshest organic ingredients by our Chefs.  Menus have been designed in consultation with an experienced Nutritionist.

All meals are creatively planned so that you receive wholesome and real nutrition using a balanced approach of combining proteins, whole-grains and other starches, vegetables and fruits with a variety of essential fats, herbs and spices for delicious flavor.

It is our promise to you to run our business in the most sustainable and organic way possible, using fresh and local produce and ethically reared livestock.

Nothing you get from us will ever be frozen, processed, grown with pesticides, pumped full of hormones and steroids (GMO), contain MSG or preservatives but will only be real and wholesome.

Your body is important and you should love it, putting only good things into it.

Whether you are a regular gym bunny, a busy professional, an athlete, someone affected by or conscious of illness, an aspiring model or just someone who wants to live a healthier life, we can help you to live smarter and better.

At The GoSmart Food Co your overall wellness is our business.

Just place your order from our weekly menu in good time, and you can have a combination of fresh and flavorful snacks, lunch and dinner delivered straight to your door every weekday.