Our Team

The GoSmart Team is a made up of a group of individuals who really care about leading a healthy lifestyle and living well.   We look after our own health and wellness through regular exercise and eating real and wholesome foods.  We bring to you a group of people with a wealth and variety of knowledge and experience who will work together to offer you a Lifestyle Service that you will come to value and highly regard.

Thalia Arneaud- Executive Chef Thalia Arneaud

Thalia has been cooking for over 12 years, starting off as one of the owners of the once popular Beaujolais Restaurant. She currently operates Gourmet Cakes to Go, which caters a range of desserts and breads made to individual client needs, as well as personal chef and catering services. She has also consulted with and worked on menus for Restaurants internationally.

Thalia has a passion for International cuisine, including French, Italian, Spanish, Middle Eastern, Chinese and Japanese and believes that the best tasting foods always begin with the freshest, preferably local ingredients.

She adheres to an “everything in moderation” way of life, which helps her to maintain a healthy lifestyle while still indulging in her favourite decadent treats every once in a while.

She brings an air of calm, experience and a special ‘kookiness; to the GoSmart kitchen…..often thinking of and talking about the Superhero world while she cooks.

Gabrielle Lambie- Nutritionist Gabrielle Lambie

Gabrielle works as an Independent Nutritionist under her brand Nutrition to Thrive, with a portfolio of private clients seeking better and healthier ways of living, providing diet consultations and plans.She studied Human Nutrition and Dietetics as well as Food Science and Technology at the University of the West Indies. This combination gives her a unique and thorough understanding of not only how food affects the human body and health, but also what goes into manufacturing healthy foods and the inner workings of the food industry.  With more than 5 years experience as a Nutritionist and approximately a decade as a Pilates Instructor, she is dedicated to providing others with the tools and knowledge they need to make healthier lifestyle choices to become healthier individuals.

In addition to providing nutrition counselling, Gabrielle shares her wealth of knowledge by writing nutrition articles for magazines and on her blog, Nutrition to Thrive, speaks at health fairs and seminars and develops and analyses menus and recipes. Her goal is to guide and educate others on how to enjoy food in a balanced way that makes them feel good and allows them to perform optimally in their everyday lives.

Gabrielle is very excited to be working as part of the GoSmart team to enable a healthier and smarter approach to better living.

Stacey Ali- Operations Stacey Ali

Stacey is a MCIPD Chartered HR Consulting Professional who has a real passion for living a healthy and active lifestyle.  Sometimes challenged with eating healthily and maintaining life balance due to work pressures and busy City living (she lived in London for 12 years), she soon realised the only way to live better was to live smarter with the choices she made regarding food and exercise.  She lost 30 lbs this way and has kept it off since.Over the years she became a seasoned half marathon runner, and in the space of 26 hours did the 3 Peak challenge by climbing the 3 highest mountains in the UK (Scotland, England & Wales) for a charity called Cricket for Change which she supports.  She is a massive cricket fan as well as an EPL and rugby fan.

An avid health and fitness enthusiast, in the last year she began leading more of a ‘Flexitarian’ (flexible vegetarian) lifestyle since returning to the Caribbean. At times disenchanted by the options available for health conscious eaters, she started exploring being even more creative with healthful cooking.

Stacey has a great deal of experience around Corporate Health and Wellness having led and managed wellness initiatives at a Senior HR level within the UK Health & Social Care Sector, as well as stress and long-term sick/chronic illness cases.  Stacey brings her global corporate and culinary experiences (having spent considerable time in Asia and Australia) to The GoSmart Food Co. so it promotes a culture focused on overall health and wellness.

She also comes from a family whose business is operating one of the most established and reputable catering companies in Trinidad, so she has grown knowing the food industry well.   Stacey’s style of cooking and food choices is influenced by her time spent in the UK, Europe and Asia and most recently the USA where she learned more about healthful cooking at the Natural Gourmet Institute and The Institute of Culinary Education in New York City.

Shurland Balbosa – Operations Stacey Ali

Shurland worked for many years in Offshore Catering. He however became overweight and led an unhealthy lifestyle developing High Blood Pressure. This led to him being hospitalised at Age 40. After this he began to change his lifestyle and diet, living healthier and better. He began going to the gym and doing a lot of cardio vascular exercise.

He continues to live this way and in his spare time enjoys playing a good game of pool. He believes that if GoSmart was around before he would not have gotten ill as he could see how we can help someone to live a healthier life. He is happy to be part of the GoSmart Team and enjoys meeting different people.

Ian Ross- OperationsIan Ross

Ian is a dynamic well rounded guy who loves sharing his passion for holistic living.  He believes everything in life complements the other, when it comes to health and fitness and life in general. A trained and experienced EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) he is also qualified in other areas within the health and safety arena.

Ian is an avid cook who likes to prepare healthy meals, taking a new twist on old traditions as he believes eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle should not be boring.

One of his biggest achievements and life milestones is having lost 50 lbs in three (3) months by going smart, eating clean and healthily while furiously exercising.  Ian believes in the concept of well balanced and wholesome meals being a motivator to others who may have challenges related to weight loss and health.  He is an avid cyclist (both road and mountain bikes) as well as an experienced runner.  He loves the great outdoors and enjoys the simple things in life.

Like others in the GoSmart Team Ian is very excited to be part of a company that is trend-setting believing we can provide smart support for people truly looking to make a lifestyle change.