what-customers-sayI started ordering Go Smart Food 3 months ago! What a difference in my energy level, & overall health.

I’m a 29 year old guy and enjoy staying fit, but it was so hard to be consistent with always being on the go! In the past, waiting until the last minute always influenced me to make poor food choices. Not anymore though with the convenience factors, quality, & constantly changing menu at The Go Smart Food Co. Placing my order is quick, easy, & exciting, knowing that Go Smart will “save the day” when I’m hungry!

Knowing that I’m not going to be hungry, I’m eating clean, & the convenience saves me time, is the best feeling! Knowing exactly how many calories consumed is so helpful with accuracy & really helps balance my meals & exercise.

I couldn’t be happier with the quality of food & customer service at Go Smart.   It has never been so easy to order food with whats app and I keep in contact with Go Smart seeking advice as well as finding out what is on the menu for that day.

I am really happy I decided to use Go Smart… it has changed my life!

N. Hadeed

“On recommendation from a friend at my Gym I decided to order one of GoSmart Meals in October last year, since then I have ordered lunch at work from GoSmart Food every day. Each meal looks and tastes great, and the “Smart Facts” sheet supplied with each meal gives you a detail of the health benefits of eating Quality Fruits, Vegetables and Healthy Meats.

Since switching to GoSmart Meals during my work week I have lost eight pounds and lowered my cholesterol by 30 points. I therefore recommend these meals to anyone who is interested in living a healthier life style.”

A. Brash

“As a working mother, I couldn’t imagine a more convenient solution to ensuring that I can keep up with my demanding work schedule while still providing healthy and delicious meals for my family. The portions are enough for me to split into two servings, which works out well for me.

Ordering dinner from GoSmart, affords me the opportunity to relax when I get home. I’ve also had several juices, and they’re all very refreshing.

The meals are packaged nicely and they’re always delivered on time. So happy to finally have an option like this in San Fernando! Overall, I am really pleased with the service.”

N. Laing-Kublalsingh

“As a health conscious person, I always look forward to your meals. I like the nutritional info that is sent together with them. Meals are prepared and packaged professionally, and are always delivered on time. Will recommend Go Smart any day!”

J. Abraham

“On-the-go and hectic defines my life. Meal prep has always been time consuming and a chore especially being a single working Mom. It has always been a challenge to be consistent with meal prep while always being on-the-go.

I started using The Go Smart Food Co. in late 2015, it was recommended to me by my gym coach and I love it!

My life has changed….I wish I found them sooner.

The Go Smart Food Co. is the meal solution i have been dreaming of for years, and I feel supported in my fitness goals. The meals are always excellent and satisfying. After also conducting a small cost benefit analysis of my expenses, it is more economical for me to eat Go Smart meals than to purchase groceries to prep the Go Smart meal equivalent.

Ordering is convenient and having my meals delivered gives me more time to focus on my job, rather than worrying about what am I going to eat today.

I enjoy staying fit and eating clean everyday has made a big difference in my overall health. Thank you Go Smart Food you guys are Awesome!!”

V. Jodhan

“I am always looking for a healthy, satisfying, tasty meal, especially at lunch time. The rigours of work and family commitment make it difficult to prepare or search for a suitable lunch. Since discovering Go Smart in the Southerner magazine, I decided to give you a try.

I am extremely pleased with the quality of food – organic, tasty and fresh. The convenience of your delivery service means that I don’t have to leave work, saving time, money and stress. The cost of the meals is reasonable for the quality of food. I would recommend Go Smart to anyone looking for a delicious, nutritious meal at a good price. Keep up the great service.”

Dr. B. Hyatoola

“It’s time to break the mindset about eating “healthy”. It’s either “it doesn’t have any taste” or “it’s too expensive to buy, cook or find healthy foods” I think and truly believe that Go Smart has shattered that ideology for not only are their meals freshly prepared but healthy and super delicious.

They’re not only a convenience in this day when most take out foods are fried, greasy  or full of artificial products but the thought and nutritional value that goes  into   every balanced meal is superb.

Not only is their healthy food tasty but their delivery service is impeccable! Food on time is always wonderful! In addition the option that after my long day at work, I can order freshly prepared meals to take home for dinner to my family is so handy. I endorse their food and their service 100% and am so grateful that I have a healthy option in my hectic schedule, one less thing to schedule in!”

                                                                                                                        G. Hampton 

“I’ve been having daily lunches from GoSmart for the past 6 months. I am extremely pleased with the meal options available. Some may think healthy food can’t possibly taste good but I truly do enjoy my lunches everyday.

I eat healthier now because the meals are prepared for me. My lunch is delivered to me on time every day and this to me is priceless.

The service is exceptional and I would recommend anyone to jump on board with GoSmart.”

A. Lutchmansingh-Mahadeo